The severity of the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic, has promted Cities, Counties, and even the State of Missouri to issue STAY AT HOME orders.  Some had limited durations, which have already been extended, and even the terms of the Orders, in many instances, have also been amended.
STAY AT HOME CITATIONS, for violation of the Orders, are being issued in certain circumstances.  Law enforcement agencies have stated that they are not going out of their way to issue anyone a Citation; but in some circumstances, a citation will be warranted, and locally the range of punishment if convicted was most recently stated to be up to 6 Months in Jail, and up to $1000.00 in Fines.  
One thing that is important to note, is that Jail time is highly unlikely, as the Jails are already full!  What is more likely, is a fine, which could be up to $1000.00 dollars.  It is also important for anyone charged with violating a STAY AT HOME ORDER, to understand, is that even if the fine could be reduced to a lesser amount, that entering a Guilty Plea, would result in a Criminal Conviction on one’s record, and that is something definitely to be avoided whenever possible.
NOTE:  If you, or someone else, is charged, (Receives a Citation or Summons) for violating a STAY AT HOME ORDER, seeking Legal counsel to try to avoid having a Criminal Conviction for this Offense is highly advised.  
The LAW OFFICE of STEVEN GROCE, ATTORNEY, is available and willing to assist in defending these cases.  Legal fees would be determined on the Jurisdiction of the Violation, and whether the Case could be resolved through some type of negotiated disposition or trial.
For Legal Representation, contact:
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NOTE: Not all Stay At Home Orders throughout Missouri, are alike.  In addition, as noted, some have already been amended in one way or another.  The resources are not possible on this site, to update every Order in MO., that gets amended.  Therefore, the user, or reader on this site, assumes all responsibility for making sure that they understand the current Orders that may be in effect where they live, by doing their own research, as the law(s) may change daily.  Also, in some Jurisdictions, individuals may be subject to both the State Order, the local County Order, and in some Jurisdictions, also the order of the City.