Steven Groce – Drug Intoxication, under influence of Cannabis/Marijuana:”Study: No Correlation Between THC Detection and Driving Impairment”

DWI, DUI CASES, Drug Intoxication, under influence of Cannabis/Marijuana:
“Neither the detection of THC nor its metabolites in subjects’ blood, breath, or oral fluid is correlated with psychomotor performance,…” see entire article. Link to the full article, below.

Consumption of Marijuana can absolutely impair your ability to safely drive; but the fact that you might test positive for THC does not prove impairment. Some States actually have per se limits, and some others, complete Zero tolerance, meaning any positive detection is a criminal violation, even though the positive drug test could have been from use days prior.
Steven Groce, Attorney

“Currently, five states – Illinois, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington – impose various per se limits for the detection of specific amounts of THC in blood while ten states (Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah, and Wisconsin) impose zero tolerant per se standards. In these states, it is a criminal violation of the traffic safety laws to operate a motor vehicle with detectable levels of THC in blood – even absent any demonstrable evidence of psychomotor impairment.”

Missouri, is fortunately NOT one of the above states, either for a per se limit, or zero tolerance. Missouri, is an Impairment State, meaning that impairment must still be demonstrated, even if one tests positive for THC. This is both an important and serious consideration when dealing with any Driving While Intoxicated, or Driving Under The Influence of Drugs, such as Cannabis, Marijuana.
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Steven Groce, Attorney
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