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247 Colorado Homes Raided for Growing “Black Market Pot,” and why this Story is really about Big Money, Greed and Government Hypocrisy.

First, understand that ALL Marijuana, grown and sold, in Colorado, is “Black Market” Pot! Why? Because everything Grown or Sold, whether in a State licensed business, or not, is “Black Market” under Federal Law.   What is the difference in the Homes raided, and the the quasi (State legal, but Federally illegal) Pot? Only one. […]

Don’t take the Conviction!

LEGAL DEFENSE! One would think: After the passing of Amendment 2, the attitudes of Prosecutors in Missouri, would be changing. Unfortunately, Not the case! Both MO. residents, and unlucky visitors, are still being charged, and even arrested, for Cannabis offenses. Even 10 grams or less is still a D Misdemeanor Criminal Drug conviction. Don’t pay […]