Limited Driving Privileges,
and Hardship Licenses.

The Missouri Revised Statutes set forth the rules and regulations in Missouri for obtaining a Hardship License, also known as a Limited Driving Privilege, as well as the rules and requirements for Reinstatement of Driver’s License, or Driving Privilege in Missouri, following a Suspension or Revocation.
The Statute may be reviewed at the following Link below:

LINK to MO. Revised Statutes
Reinstatement of License, and Limited Driving Privilege

LINK to MO. Dept. of Revenue:
Limited Driving Privilege guidelines:

PLEASE NOTE: The rules pertaining to eligibility for both Reinstatement after a Suspension or Revocation of a Driver’s License, or Driving Privilege, as well as the rules for obtaining a Limited Driving Privilege (Hardship License), are always changing, and differ greatly depending on the nature and reasons for the Driver’s suspension or revocation. Therefore, it is essential to always be sure that you, as the Petitioner Client, always make sure to research the latest changes to the Laws. Some types of limited driving privileges, which are also commonly referred to as Hardship licenses in Missouri, may be obtained directly from the Missouri Department of Revenue. Hardship licenses for other types of suspensions or revocations, particularly those resulting from a 5 or 10 year revocations or denials, can often only be obtained by having an experienced DWI Lawyer file a Petition for Limited Driving privilege in the Circuit Court, where a Judge is required to review the applicable law, and the circumstances, and make a final determination after a hearing regarding whether or not to grant the Limited Driving privilege. For this reason, it is very important to hire an experienced DWI Attorney who can effectively represent you through the entire process of drafting and filing the Petition, all the way through the hearing and the preparation of the Court Order granting the Limited Driving privilege.

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