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LEGAL OPINION or SECOND LEGAL OPINION, offers PEACE OF MIND for a LIMITED EXPENSE. Up to 1 full hour. Flat fee: $250.00.

Are you uncomfortable with a certain situation?  Do you feel like you need a Legal Opinion, or a 2nd Opinion, from an experienced Attorney?  Can’t sleep because you don’t know if what you are doing is right?  If your answer is yes, to any of these questions, then for a very modest fee, take advantage of the knowledge and experience of a Lawyer with 32 years of experience.

LEGAL OPINION or SECOND OPINION, is a new service.  Currently, it is limited to DWI, DUI, Drug Intoxication, Drug cases AND Cannabis / Marijuana Defense.  For example, you might not want to hire an Attorney on a case yet.  Perhaps there is no filed case, but you are worried.  Perhaps you would like to get an opinion about the laws on a related matter.  Perhaps you already have an Attorney, but you just feel like you need a Second Opinion.  Whatever your need for a Legal or Second Legal Opinion is, this service will allow you for a Flat fee, to tap into 32 years of Legal experience in handling cases of the types mentioned.  NOTE: If you already have legal counsel hired, and you want a Second Opinion, you should tell your Attorney that you feel you need a Second Opinion first.

HOW IT WORKS:  For a Flat fee of $250.00, which is payed in advance over the phone by a Debit card, I will personally provide up to 1 hour of Legal consultation by phone, or by email, (limited to a single phone consultation, or a single email reply only), to answer your questions and concerns.  Legal opinions are limited to Missouri Law, and/or Missouri cases only.  Any Legal opinions requiring more than one hour, can be purchased at an additional 1 hour fee, and the decision to do so, or spend any more funds, shall remain your decision only.  If you have an actual case, and decide after the use of this service to actually hire me for representaton, (which would require the mutual agreement of all parties), then any funds that have already been payed for a Legal Opinion only, will be applied to the fees to actually represent you on your case.  This way, you are not paying extra if you decide to hire me.  Again, any agreement for actual representation will require that I also agree to take your case.  You are not bound to hire me, and I am not bound to take your case.  Regardless, getting a Legal Opinion, or a Second Opinion, from an experienced Attorney, is always a good idea.

GET A LEGAL OPINION, or SECOND OPINION today.  Office: 417-883-4950

DISCLAIMER:  It is understood and agreed by all parties, who make use of this service, that in this limited time and capacity, there shall be no Attorney Client relationship created; however, your information will be kept confidential.  Also, it is understood and agreed by all parties that an opinion, even a Legal opinion, is just an opinion, and again, in this limited time and capacity, there are absolutely no guarantees that said opinion will be a correct interpretation of the facts provided, or a correct assessment or interpretation of the applicable law.  Also, some questions I may simply not be able to answer, and in that situation, you also agree that I will only try to provide my opinion on the ones that I can.