Global to 200 Cannabis LawyerCannabis, Marijuana (Drug Intoxication), is being prosecuted by Law enforcement more and more often.  Remember that Breathalyzer testing only picks up Alcohol.  Blood testing will pick up Alcohol, and any other controlled substance, which includes Marijuana, that the Drug screen is designed to test for.

The same Statute, RSMo. 577.010, not only covers Driving under the influence of Alcohol, but also Driving under the influence of Marijuana or other Drugs.  Impairment, could be strictly under the influence of Cannabis/Marijuana alone, or in combination with Alcohol or any other Drug.  Again, as used in this chapter, a person is in an “intoxicated condition” when he is under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance, or drug, or a combination thereof.

577.010 RSMo. includes Marijuana/Cannabis and any other Drug Intoxication:

577.010 RSMo. includes Drug Intoxication: Remember also, extremely important:  The fact that a person has a Prescription, which will also apply to Medical Marijuana, is NOT a Legal Defense to driving under the influence DUI/DWI Drug Intoxication.  So, again, a person commits the crime of Driving while Intoxicated,or DWI/DUI Drug Intoxication, if he operates a motor vehicle while in an intoxicated or drugged condition, or a combination of both.  The Statute is not limited to alcohol, and “drugged”, can include drugs taken under prescription.

Global to 200 Cannabis Lawyer

Steven Groce – Drug Intoxication, under influence of Cannabis/Marijuana:”Study: No Correlation Between THC Detection and Driving Impairment”

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