YouTube Removes Another RFK Jr. Interview

Big tech, this time, Google, which owns and controls YouTube, is completely violating the 1st Amendment rights of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., because he is an actual Democratic candidate for the Presidential Democratic nomination.  This should make every American wake up, and see the real corruption and threat to Freedom that is taking place, by the current regime in power, even against a Democrat, because he is a threat to the totally corrupt Biden family, and very clearly controls what is now a corrupt FBI, CIA, etc.  As citizens of our great Country, preparing to celebrate the 4th of July, let’s remind ourselves and remember 1776, July 4th Independence Day, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights; because if we don’t Stand Up, and Speak Out, we will lose these rights, and it is already happening right before our eyes, and on our watch.  Every citizen of the United States, needs to do their part, and Speak Out. Steven Groce, Attorney 

YouTube has censored Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. yet again, this time by removing his recent interview with former New York Post reporter Al Guart.