How The Crackdown On Prescription Opioids Is Actually Causing Needless Suffering, And In Some Cases Death.

In a recent article from REASON.COM, by Jacob Sullum, published on Jan. 30, 2024, entitled:

“New Pain Medication Could Reinforce Crackdown on Prescription Opioids,” Journalist, Jacob Sullum, for, makes some very important points.

First, time after time, real studies have shown that only about 1% of patients have any actual risk of addiction.  One percent.  That is it!

Second, the Crackdown, has only served to put fear into Doctors and Pharmacists to needlessly not prescribe these proven drugs for pain relief, even to people who truly are in the most need of them.

Third, the Government, through the Crackdown, is responsible for patients in need to not only suffer, but to then to also seek relief on the Black market, which sometimes kills them because the drugs they buy contain unknown other substances, including Fentanyl, coming from China.

Fourth:  Doctors, especially, have been put in fear of prescribing what they know a particular patient needs, because of the Government, and unfortunately, the Personal Injury Attorneys that were so eager to jump on the bandwagon to sue the pharmaceutical companies for Billions of dollars, and the false public narrative used to win cases, and get huge judgments, have only made that Narrative, what the public hears,  even worse.

Read the Article, (SEE LINK BELOW), and make up your own mind.

It seems to me that this is just another example of how Government Prohibition, is always wrong, and a complete failure.

Prohibition, was proven totally wrong when there was a Constitutional amendment Prohibiting Alcohol, which then took another Constitutional amendment to end Prohibition, when it was finally realized by everyone, including the Government, to be a complete failure.

The same thing (minus the Constitutional amendment) then still occurred, shortly thereafter, with Marijuana, all for Political motivations, and we are still dealing with Federal Law that has not changed, despite everything that has happened in the States.

The same arguments could be made for Cocaine.  Another substance, refined from a naturally occurring plant.  Doctors use it.  Therefore it is made pharmaceutical pure, from the Coca Leaves of the Coca Plant, without any unknown contaminants.  So, why not make it available for prescription, and prevent people from dying because of other substances like Fentanyl, being added to the mix.


Steven Groce, Attorney

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